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* NOTE *

I have no clue where's Cassie been.   not sure if

she even remember this site.  The Chat is down as DigiChat is 

not being hosted atm.   * News *  DigiChat.com has been hack by valtros. I will delete this msg soon. 


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Epic Chatroom is a new site, as such we are still working on the running of the rooms and site.
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Chatroom Rules

Chat Rules

1. CAPS are allowed as long as they're not overused.
2. Swearing is accepted as long as it's done within moderation and not overused.
3. Any Inappropriate names will be removed or asked to be changed.
4. Cloning or Split Screens will not be tolerated.
5. Please Don't Scroll in main. 4 line limit.
6. No C word or N word will be allowed in main.
7. Do not argue with a Moderator or ChatMaster in main.

Any Violation of the above rules will result in a Boot or Ban.


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